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Balireddy Praveen
Balireddy Praveen

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print("Hello, World!")

Hello mate, How're you doing? I'm doing extremely well!

I'm Praveen and this is my first ever blog.

In this article, I would like to share my experiences on how I started on coding.

I wrote my first piece of code during my Bachelors, way back in 2015. We had C-language in the very first semester of the Bachelors. First few months was full of theory and I didn't write any code. And yes, Hello,World! was NOT my first program! I remember printing something like a square of stars(*) on console using printf() in C-language.

Currently, I am working at an Indian Unicorn as a Python developer. I have been working on Python only since the initial days of my professional career.

The question is How Did I learn Python? I didn't had Python in my Bachelors curriculum, we just had C, Java and....

We had HTML too but not mentioning it as I'm afraid all the other developers will attack me to call it a programming language :)

That was my first year in Bachelors, I didn't have a PC or Laptop. I first heard of the language "PYTHON 🐍" in my college library with a small computer room with around 30 computers (max 10-15 will work at any point of time). While I was waiting for my turn, I observed one of my seniors were writing code and when I asked him: "what is this language, I haven't seen this type of computer code?"

Poor me, I knew only C-language at that time and thought everyone will write code in only one language :(

He replied, "It is Python."

Two years later, I started learning Python on my own from several resources like Youtube, Blogs etc., I practised on my own and had some hands on in the language. In my experience of competitive coding, I used Python to solve questions as I felt it's very easy to use and apply the logic when compared to other languages like C and Java.

That's how I learned Python and working as a Python developer from the beginning of my career!! It helped me a lot.

I want you to understand that every small thing matters a lot, every experience counts!

I would love to learn new things from great minds of the community & give something back to community to help people.

Thank You, Have a wonderful day!

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mrs profile image

Congrats! Nice first steps in blogging! I am still learning Python though I think there will always be something left you have not heard about before.

I already have experience with SQL, PHP and - of course - HTML and such. But at first sight, I was really impressed by the high potential of Python while it remains easy to learn … and from time to time hard to master ^^ Nevertheless, I‘d recommend Python to everyone interesting in learning a programming language.

There are plenty of free text sources and online courses today. BTW Microsoft Learn is a good place to start at, because it provides a couple of good structured beginner courses. And even good IDEs are available just costing 5 minutes downloading the installer.

Good luck with your blog!

balireddypraveen profile image
Balireddy Praveen

Thank you S. !!

siddharthsinghtanwar profile image

Good first blog. Would love to know more what you do as a python developer.

balireddypraveen profile image
Balireddy Praveen

Thanks Sidharth! Sure, I will write more on Python!

leopury profile image
Leo Pury

IMHO you're excellent for a first time blogging 👏👏👏
Thanks for sharing 👊

mahaboobdanish profile image

Grateful to read here from you !
Keep on and elevate 🙌