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What have I achieved after 30 Days of 100DaysOfCode

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Hey everyone, It's around 1 Month of 100DaysOfCode Challenge.

It's a good idea to share my experience about my First month of this challenge to give you a light if you want to accept 100DaysOfCode Challenge.

When I started this challenge I just was write and a blogger in programming websites, I was writing articles and posts about programming and tech-industry.
Those are my favourite topics all the time, so I decided to work on projects and improve my coding skills at the same time.

I'm not writing a lot anymore, cause I want to concentrate on learning and consistency everyday.

When I accepted this challenge I wasn't sure that if I could keep it up and do it every-single day, so now I believe that was hard decision cause as I know myself it sound like for me to dedicate myself to do the same tasks everyday and sitting on the chair for around 5 to 8 hours!

Alt Text
Being a self-motivate person is tough

Let me explain you in details about my experience and what goals I have achieved since 30 days ago.

I. I started to solve problem with exercism

That was necessary to improve my mind to solve problems, cause I have no prior background in programming and CS, that was really hard for me to solve most of them even if they were easy!
here You can check out my projects on GitLab:

After some of the problem that I solved I thought that would better to spend my time on real world project and level-up my skills to the World class ;)

II. Making real world applications.

I thought it could be fascinating to automate some of my repetitive task on Twitter, and making a simple robot shouldn't be so complicated.
To be honest, at first glance it seems so easy but after coding more and more it was getting challenging for me, I got confused.
I was watching tutorials and I couldn't understand what the hell is going on, actually what's happening when we are running this piece of code.

I really discourages at that time, cause I thought that all of my hard work was worthless

Alt Text
I was looking for a light

I finally code a Twitter Bot but it was not so good at all, I really didn't satisfied with that project.

III. Making a game!

My homie (Amir) told me that it's a cool idea to create game ;)

And after sometime I found a great tutorial series on Youtube to make a cool snake game.
Thanks to TokyoEdTech for his high-quality tutorials.
Check his channel out to start some cool project.

Alt Text
My first game project ever :)

IV. Scraping Hacker-News

  • Hacker-News project It was a exciting topic all the time for me, Scraping Data. I made a tiny project with beautiful-soup to scrape news based on the points from Hacker-News. I wanted to scrape news with more than 100 Points on that website. After finishing Hacker-News project I wanted to learn more in depth about Scrapy and crawlers but I knew that all of them will distract me from my main goal which is Back-end!

V. Disappinment

Alt Text

feeling disappointment out of the blue!
I gave up for 10 Days :(
what happened to me suddenly?

I didn't know why this is happening sometimes when I'm at the beginning of a new journey.
Maybe cause I'm not working hard enough or I'm not dedicating myself or whatever.(I was thinking with myself)
At that Fu*king time I read an amazing quote from Tony Robbins ;)

Alt Text
Kick your ass and Code

I kicked my ass to start applying myself and learning Flask.
That was important decision that I made 5 days ago.
I prefer to follow Corey Schafer tutorials, cause the quality of his tutorials and the way he is teaching is incredible, Just need to say he's Mind-Blowing,he i like a Beast in teaching.
He know his stuff, just give it a shot and watch his tutorial if you are a beginner or want to learn python as a new language, I guarantee that you'll feel differences if you compare his tutorial with other teachers.

Now I'm working on Flask to have enough vision about Back-End and then dive to Django for becoming a magician.

Actually I have a plan to learn PostgreSQL simultaneously with Flask.

Thank you for following me and reading my posts, I'll do my best to share my experiences and information about everything with beginners to level-up our skills together Forever.
Feel free to give me an advice or leaving a comment below to share your ideas and point of view (Cause sharing is fun all the time :D )

Alt Text
Thank you so much for spending your time with me

Keep Moving Forward ツ

Enjoy Your Journey 👊

Code with 💛


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