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Introducing Grimoire: A Data Centric Blogging Platform

What is a Blog?

When we think of what it means to write an article or blog post, we wish to convey our thoughts into a dialogue that can resonate with its readers. Words and images are the primary medium to convey these thoughts. When it comes to technical or data centric blogging we are often left using the same tools as with personal blogs... words and images. Many times these bloggers will screenshot images of a cool graph, or dataset to show their readers insights in a static boring way. How can we create a blog that is more interactive so readers can truly explore data and interact with results?


I'm proud to announce Grimoire a new blogging platform built for technical blogging that allows writers to embed data, graphs,APIs (Application programming interface), and more without any coding. Grimoire is powered by Streamlit which is an open-source framework that enables powerful interactions. With Grimoire, bloggers write using Markdown and have the ability to add spells(embeds) such as pandas data frames or interactive graphs. Here is the boring static image of an example interactive bar graph of the iris dataset that you can create with Grimoire.

Alt Text

Try it out

Grimoire is currently still in a "beta stage" and can really use your help in evaluating the platform. Please leave feedback in the comments or reach out to me via twitter so we can collectively make Grimoire better for the community.

This is the introduction blog post highlighting what you can do with Grimoire.

The main site is located here. You can log in via GitHub or Twitter and begin writing blog posts now.

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