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RouteX - An Update

Remember this post?.

Yeah, this one's just a follow up so you might want to go through that one to find out what we are talking about.

You know, I could just use Next.js's API Routes

You could, I can't force you to shift to a CLI tool that can be used in any project and just pointing it to a folder of files that export a (req,res) handler can help you create API routes but all in all, it's your call in the end.

You might want to check the canary version's performance though, might just change your mind.

It uses module.exports ? We are in 2020!

About that..
I'm working on a few boilerplate templates for transpilers and bundlers like webpack and babel's own cli's and also Typescript since it's almost a necessity for some people today. Stay Tuned for that.

Thats it?

Yeah to sum it down.

  • Added CLI options for directory path and port
  • Improved Performance
  • Response helper functions added
  • No dependencies as everything is compiled into a single file

and that's about it.

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