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Bart Wijnants
Bart Wijnants

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I'm building a blog about building a blog

Some time ago I noticed there was money to be made on Medium. I joined the Medium Partner Program and moved some of my posts behind the metered paywall. Time to become a millionaire.

I quickly wrote a new blogpost and shared it here and on Reddit. This received some backlash as someone commented "Too bad you care about money more than sharing it. ¯(ツ)/¯". That hurt, but it was also kinda true.

This sparked a thought in my head. I can just create my own blog. Maybe add some ads. And still become a millionaire. I can just blog about building a blog. Easy does it.

I already have 3 posts:

And a ton of notes waiting to be converted to posts.

Check it out!

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Nijeesh Joshy

so this is a blog post about you building a blog about building a blog, ;)

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Bart Wijnants
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Tanmay Naik

So meta.