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Launched my first product on Product Hunt

I'm Basharath, a full-stack developer. I’ve always been interested in solving problems and developing interesting tools to address them.

This is my very first product on ProductHunt. Very much excited to launch. 😀

A few days ago when I was doing some work involving copying text paragraphs and sentences, I noticed that it was tedious work to carry out. Using Ctrl + C all the time for copying text seemed to be a bit time-consuming thing for me.

At that time I felt like to have some tool to copy text or sentences just in a click. I tried finding if there's any tool that could address this problem and I found none.

So I decided to create one myself addressing various scenarios involved while copying text on the web.

Here is that tool addressing those problems involved while copying text. It is called Copy Text Easily.

It is a chrome extension that lets you copy text or code snippets in a hassle-free manner just with a click.

You can have a look at the Copy text easily product on the Product Hunt and give your feedback.

Here is the intro video.

Thank you for reading!

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