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FIXED: Azure - Resource provider not registered for the subscription

The Problem

If you have been following any tutorial around creating bots on Azure, and you hit the weird roadblock that tells you;

Resource provider Microsoft.BotService not registered for the subscription
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'Resource Provider error'

Fret not, 'cause you have just stumbled on the fix!

The Solution

Now, let us walk through the fix together.

First off, head over to Subscriptions (you can search for this from the Azure portal), then you should select the specific Subscription that shows you that error.

Now that you're inside that subscription, search for Resource Providers. There would definitely be a lot of providers here, so just do a filter by name for Bot, now should see the sneaky cause of the bug;


In my case, the Microsoft.BotService Request Provider already indicates Registered - and yes, I still see the bug. If it shows Unregistered, you do have to register the provider by clicking the Register button above the Request Provider. And if it already has a Registered green tick (like mine), what we both want to do here is unregister the provider, then register it again. That should work. Simple, innit?

The Conclusion

And there you have your fix to the Resource provider not registered bug. This fix is the way to hard-refresh Request Providers in Azure, works for all Request Providers - not just the Microsoft Bot Service.

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