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📣 Use Github for Comments - Forget Disqus

If you're into blogging you must have heard the name Disqus but wait do you know you can use GitHub Issues for Comments in your blog?

You heard it right, 📢 Comments With GitHub! ❤

A Open Source Project Make This Possible :

GitHub logo utterance / utterances

🔮 A lightweight comments widget built on GitHub issues

utterances 🔮

A lightweight comments widget built on GitHub issues. Use GitHub issues for blog comments, wiki pages and more!

  • Open source. 🙌
  • No tracking, no ads, always free. 📡🚫
  • No lock-in. All data stored in GitHub issues. 🔓
  • Styled with Primer, the css toolkit that powers GitHub. 💅
  • Dark theme. 🌘
  • Lightweight. Vanilla TypeScript. No font downloads, JavaScript frameworks or polyfills for evergreen browsers. 🐦🌲

how it works

When Utterances loads, the GitHub issue search API is used to find the issue associated with the page based on url, pathname or title. If we cannot find an issue that matches the page, no problem, utterances-bot will automatically create an issue the first time someone comments.

To comment, users must authorize the utterances app to post on their behalf using the GitHub OAuth flow. Alternatively, users can comment on the GitHub issue directly.


You Can Know More about this here at and here

✏ Enjoy ❤

Top comments (6)

ferricoxide profile image
Thomas H Jones II

Maybe using GitHub comments would eliminate some of the "don't look at the comments, don't look at the comments, don't look at the comments" existential-level dread that comes with having enabled other comment-engines and seeing that you've got a new comment waiting (for moderation ...since, long ago, had to change to 'approve-to-go-live' comments to reduce the amount of comment-spam).

jacebenson profile image

I wonder if there's a way to move/copy comments from discus to there.

shushugah profile image

such scripts do exist, but the author would be whatever the Github commenter's author is, so you'd have to modify the username or something within comment text

theodesp profile image
Theofanis Despoudis

Wow that's exactly what I will use on my upcoming blog. Ta!