Cover images of DEV Posts Aren't Visible!? 🤔

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Few minutes ago I posted a #Showdev post, but I was kinda shocked when the cover image of that post was not visible, when I checked other posts on DEV, My post was not only effected , no cover image was Visible!

I checked again , the original image URL was working fine. Problem seems to be with Cloudinary!

UPDATE #1 : Seems like cover image is visible on Desktop but not on Mobile.

Please Let me know if I'm the only one seeing this issue? Can you see this post's Cover?

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Could just be a temporary bug. is opened sourced so if you keep experiencing the bug create an issue.


I can see the cover from Firefox mobile.

Could it be something similar to this issue?


I just checked on Firefox Mobile, I can see the cover images.

Now I understand, My PWA was installed from Chrome, That's the reason 😅

Firefox displays the cover properly

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