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Palash Bauri 👻
Palash Bauri 👻

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Why Followers/Following Count isn't Publicly Visible?

I'm thinking for a long time , what might be the reason, that followers/following Count is not visible to public (or atleast opt-in option to make it public).

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Adarsh • Edited

I just feel that platform would get biased. People have a general tendency to read posts by authors who have high follower count. In turn these posts will become one of the most read articles. But with current scenario the judgement is done based purely on the content and every one gets a kind of equal opportunity to express themselves.

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Palash Bauri 👻

Well Said, Good Point 👍
I never thought that way!

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Ben Halpern

We've adopted the policy of downplaying aggregated internet-point type stuff. You can know your own follow count, but we try to not lift folks up on too much of a pedestal based on stuff like follow counts.

Follow counts are a sort of social media anxiety drivers we'd like to limit. Perhaps in the future this could change, but for now this remains the policy.

By the way, great full profile!

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Jaime González García

I love that!!!!

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I use because that information isn't available publically. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary for a social or discussion platform.

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I wish I could at least see a list of who I'm following… I'm getting a lot of irrelevant (to me) posts in my timeline, so I'd like to "clean up" who I'm following so as to get content that matters to me.

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Mohamad Ashraful Islam

My mind was burning me for the answer. Finally, I understand the logic behind this. Thanks