I have some Steller Lumans and have no idea how to and what to do!

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I have a keybase account and Steller Foundation has started distributing some Steller Lumens among users every month. At first, I was excited, I thought I was gonna buy some cloud tools with that money 😊 but unfortunately according to India's (I live in India) laws, I can't withdraw that money to banks πŸ˜‘

I literally have no idea what to do with those Lumens. As long as I am in india those are no use to me. πŸ˜…

I am really confused, what to do with those Lumens. πŸ€”

Any ideas or suggestions are highly requested 😊

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You can transfer them to CoinBase, sell them for actual money, transfer this money on a Paypal account, then transfer this money from Paypal to your bank account, or directly use Paypal to buy stuff.

Keybase => Coinbase => Paypal => Bank

Coinbase => Paypal this feature isn't Available for Indian users πŸ˜”


@magicmarvman gave me a really cool idea. I don't need to cash that money , I can still use international shops which accepts Bitcoin ans ships worldwide 😎


keybase (+fee) => coinbase (+fee) => paypal (+fee) => Bank (+fee)


You're welcome to send them to me: marvman πŸ˜‚


No, but seriously: You could convert them to Bitcoin (for example via Freewallet) and then buy Cloud Services (where it is supported) with the Bitcoin.


That's really great idea. Not only Cloud Services, I can buy anything from online stores which accepts BTC and ships worldwide 😎


I had a very similar question, seems to me like you've also joined the Keybase airdrop!!!

So far the best use case I've found beyond converting them into legal tender has been in allowing payments to bots for goods and service automation from within keybase!

Best example I've seen so far is SMSBot. You can send the bot a few Lumens for a temporary phone number that you can receive messages to from within Keybase!

Another bot example that I'm looking into creating is a group order bot to simplify take out orders for the office!


SMSBot, that's something i can spend on πŸ˜…


I use kraken to convert them to euros and then to my bank. If you cant do this, maybe turn them to bitcoin or something else.

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