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Markor : 📘 Write Quickly ✏

bauripalash profile image Palash Bauri 👻 ・1 min read

Today Let's Talk About a Open Source Note Taking / Writing / ToDo App for Android Called 📘 Markor.

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Text editor - Notes & ToDo (for Android) - Markdown, todo.txt, plaintext, math, ..

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Text editor - Notes & ToDo (for Android)
Simple and lightweight, supporting Markdown and todo.txt

Markor is a TextEditor for Android. This project aims to make an editor that is versatile, flexible, and lightweight. Markor utilizes simple markup formats like Markdown and todo.txt for note-taking and list management. Markor is versatile at working with text; it can also be used for keeping bookmarks, copying to clipboard, fast opening a link from text and lots of more. Created files are interoptable with any other plaintext software on any platform. Markor is using open formats and is free software, openly developed and accepts community contributions.


📝 Create notes and manage your to-do list using simple markup formats
🌲 Work completely offline -- whenever, wherever
👌 Compatible with any other plaintext software on any platform -- edit with notepad or vim, filter with grep, convert to PDF or create a…

Previously I Mentioned in Tools I Use For Blogging that I still mainly use Markor to write ✏ articles and take notes.

Actually There're many things I like about Markor (The Odd Way 😉) :

  • IT'S FAAAAAAAST.... (😉I Even Use It To Roam Around My Town😞

  • Every Document is stored in general filesystem folder so we can edit with other apps (😉Previously I Used Camera To Take Notes 😞)

  • It's totally offline , not a single http-request (😉No Fear , Keeping My Super Duper Huper Secret Nuclear Codes😞)

  • Highly Customizeable (😉I Can Even Make It Unicorn😞)

  • Convert, Preview, and Share documents as HTML and PDF (😉I Have Thrown Out MS/Libre Office😞)

  • It Even has a dark mode ❤ (😉No Stinking😞)

  • And Obviously Its Free & Open Source ❤❤

Jokes Aside, I really think Markor is very good writing app, I use it everyday, and you should also try it sometimes.. 🙂


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lfosgett profile image
Lauren Fosgett

I just discovered Markor today! I've decided to start writing up blog posts in Markdown on my phone. I'm loving it so far! The syntax highlighting is A+