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Palash Bauri 👻
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Story Of A Not So Famous Quote

Even Fiction Becomes Real As Soon As We Start Believing It. , If I'm not wrong you've not heard that quote ever! Don't worry 99% People Didn't 😉

The above mentioned quote is mine! (But I don't have any patent 😉)

You might be thinking now : Wait, You're not a super famous person , why should I care about your Quote 😑

Me : I can't actually give you a reason but the article is not about the quote it's about a story of child who went from 0% to 0.1% (What You Thought, I'm gonna say 99% or 100% , Nah...) With the inspiration of this quote

So , If You're Still Reading ❤ Let's Go Back To The Past when I was about 3 or 4 years old

( Starting Time Machine..... Countdown....5...4...3...2...1.... Let's Go Back To Future I mean Past! 😄)

Past Time....

[ Place : Raghunathpur ; Date & Time : Unknown ]

It was the very first time I touched a mobile phone (Though I've seen it many times) , It was TATA Indicom phone manufactured by Haier just a simple keypad phone. There was nothing much in it not even a camera or SD Card support. I remember there was game called Kong Ming or something like that , I couldn't even figure out how to play that game , instructions were also confusing. (Bonus : I still don't know how to play that game 😉)
Seeing these games and The-Things-I -See-On-Phone (That Time I didn't know that were called Softwares ) , I was curious to know who made these, Are they even human 👻??

Few days later I came to know that the people build these games and softwares are called Software Engineers.

From That Time , I very badly wanted to build softwares myself and I decided One Day I Will Build Softwares Myself , that time It was like a Fiction to me...

Now, Let's Go Into 2014

[ Place : Raghunathpur ; Date & Time : Unknown (It was summer) ]

I bought my own computer , that Time I had -10% Knowledge Of Computers 😑, But I never forgot my dream, I started learning more and more about computers myself , I didn't had any resource to learn nor anybody teach! Still I didn't lost hope , I tinkered , I broke things but never lost hope...

Finally In 2015 I Learnt Programming and Built My First Working Computer Software with Python!

Though , Earlier I built a program written In C++ but I don't actually consider that as my truly first Program because it was most of copy-paste

That Night , When I Was on Bed, My inner voice said something, Your Fiction Has Become Reality, Because You Believed!

Present Date..

[ Place : Raghunathpur ; Date & Time : Look At Your Watch ]

That was the origin of that Quote. That Not so famous quote helped me a lot to go from 0% to 0.1% , I am damn sure that that's gonna help you too.. Someday..

Always Remember,

Even Fiction Becomes Real As Soon As We Start Believing It.

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abhishekalbert profile image

Hi Palash!!!

Well said brother. The quotation you said "Even Fiction Becomes Real As Soon As We Start Believing It." if we see through any invention even computer or in any other field like physics or medical if closely look what we have then we can create something new for present which people said them fiction. I think there no such think like a fiction what we call fiction is a idea which is not present in at this time but if work on it and see things closely then we will found no such things like fiction . Instead of fiction we should said them a new idea in that respected field .
So if we in ourself everything is possible even virtual can becomes reality , because I believe it can be possible but the things will matter is time . Not today but someday of fiction become reality because i believe i can.
Thank you for share your journey it gives a boost for beginners .
Nicely write everything you created this one more interesting with your writing skill .

Thanks again .

Good luck, keep learning and happy coding.

bauripalash profile image
Palash Bauri 👻

Actually the C++ program i built was not fully written by me , It was a experimenting project , most of the code chunks were copy pasted from tutorial sites. (It was terminal based chat program.)

That's why I don't consider it as first Program. (but it's my fault I'll change the sentence)

abhishekalbert profile image

Yeah that's correct .