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Few Tips for writing better commit messages

bawa_geek profile image Lakhveer Bawa Updated on ・1 min read

I was reading the source code of Vuejs 3 just a few minutes back and found a commit message template used by Evan You. It looked interesting to me. check and try to apply it in your workflow, if you like it.

Prefixes to add before commit messages:

test: (working on tests)
refactor: (refactoring the code)
fix: (doing some bug fixes
feature: (adding the new feature) 
build: ( adding some package or something required when building)
types: (adding the variable type, interface or something like that)
style: (some CSS or style improvement that does not affect the core functionality)
docs: (wrote some documentation or code comments)
wip: (full form: work in progress, when something is under work in progress usually some complex stuff that has to be done in parts)

example commit message:

fix: fixed title not defined on the jobs page


markdown guide

I add a more simple prefix:

[*] = phpdoc, text changes,... (nothing will be break)
[~] = refactoring (nothing should be break)
[+] = new feature, fix old feature (maybe I break it)
[!] = break change
[!!!] = security fix



Hello Lakhveer Bawa,

thank you for your article.
For me this is good information in combination with Rubin's article entitled "How to write meaningful and better commit messages".
Especially the additional "TYPES" refactor and wip are useful in my case.


Hi! Great info :) Any chance of a link to the source template?


Hi, thanks

here is list of commits from Evan you where I got this idea.



Hello !

You can use this, to your projects, very helpfull !



absolutely love the idea behind the tool, but I believe we should not rely on tools too much. Every new tool in the workflow, adds more complexity into dev life