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how to get started with UX?

I'm trying to get into UX design, though I have already made couple "UX" designs, I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly. At least theoretically. What would you recommend me to get started with it?

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Sebastian Vargr • Edited

To my knowledge UX and design are apart.
So being a UX designer is really being two roles at once, kinda like being and engineering architect, or a carpenter smith.

A UX'er comes up with stories that the user can go on.
Hence "User Experience"

A designer uses said stories to come up with X product that fulfils that story. :)

The UX'er goes:
"As a user i want to have the feeling of wtf."

The designer then goes:
"Imma put this link here"

Then they highfive.

So if you wan to succeed as a UX'er practice coming up with experiences and stories for people to go on.

And if you wan to succeed as a designer, practice implementing them.

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Thanks! This is very helpful!