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Depending on what you need, the Chrome (and Firefox, etc.) browser tools may be helpful.

Open dev tools, and click the toggle device toolbar button (button to the left of Elements)

It won't provide the full mobile experience but it will allow you to test certain mobile interactions.

I'm not sure that's what you're looking for, but maybe.


Hmm sounds like something that could be helpful. I'll try it!! Thanks!


You can use Figma for prototyping, and they have a mirror app you can install on a mobile device and test-drive layout and interactions on it. I think that might be the sort of thing you're looking for?

Invision could be another option


I use - I think it's worth the money but they do a free trial if you just wanted to quickly test something out.


Let me understand, You designed an app in Photoshop, Skatch etc. and you want to test if it interacts good on mobile? Well I think it's the job of the programmers to fit it as it needs.. Doesn't it?


Yes. Just like That.. I'm not a very skilled programmer and hiring a programmer for a "just for fun" project is pricey for me so I wanted to know if there's some apps that would do that even with watermarks or whatever


In that case maybe something like adobe dx or invision. Where you pretty much just drag drop boxes, put pictures and select areas which when clicked take you to other screen

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