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Software Rot

You've built the latest and greatest web application and users are signing up left and right. Now it's time to sit back and watch the money come in, right?

Well maybe...

What is Software Rot?

Software Rot is when your software slowly "dies" overtime and becomes faulty, unusable and is hard to maintain.

Our software doesn't actually rot away and start to smell every time we open our code editor. But over time if you don't treat it well, it will slowly become unusable.

Preventing Software Rot

There are many ways that Software Rot can occur. But I wanted to cover one specific topic that we all can benefit from.

Leave Code Better Than You Found It

The Broken Window Theory
Research has shown that one broken window in a home can lead to a sense of abandonment. Before you know it all the windows are broken and litter is everywhere.

Your code is that home, don't leave any broken windows in it. It doesn't matter if you wrote it or not, leave code in better shape than you found it. Constantly improve your code base even if it feels like a waste of time. Don't get lazy and just get it working, write every single line of code like it's your last.

There are tons of other topics I could cover, but we can start on this topic right now! Go forth and treat your code like it's your home :)

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