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Learning SDL and C++

I'm currently working on learning SDL/C++ and will most likely be using it to build a dice-based rogue-like game I've been planning out for a while.

I've used/learned programming from working with Unity and Unreal but I'd like to know how it all works "under the hood". Likely this will be creating a lot more work for myself but it's been a wonderful learning experience so far.

I'm involved with #100DaysOfCode community on Twitter (I'm on round 2, day 74 currently... thinking about going for the #301DaysOfCode this time around... we'll see how I feel at the end of this round). Because of this, I program daily and am constantly trying to learn more. I'm definitely addicted to the code!

Hopefully within the next 6 months I will have something to demo as this has been a project I've wanted to see come to fruition for quite sometime and I feel I finally have enough knowledge to see it come to light!

If anyone has any resources (specifically regarding learning SDL / more advanced C++ (I know enough to get myself in trouble haha)), I'd love to have a look!

I just discovered this community after finishing Hacktoberfest so figured I'd write up something about what I'm currently working on!

I also have a blog I just started a couple of days ago where I post my progress as I learn, to anyone who may be interested:

Hope you are all having a great day/night and happy coding!! \o/

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