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JAMstack ecommerce - the options

What options are there for headless e-commerce?

Back in 2018, I read an article from Harry's on how they used Gatsby to build a blazingly fast e-commerce site - the end result was their stunning site, Flamingo, that serves over 1 million female customers.

Let's take a look into 3 options that you could use to add commerce to your JAMstack and achieve similar results:


Snipcart makes it easy to add a shopping cart to any site. It has been used by over 20,000 developers. It's flexible, dev-friendly and can help speed up the time to delivery for your e-commerce projects. The Gatsby website has a tutorial to help you get started with Snipcart.


Swell is a headless ecommerce platform. Its API-first philosophy helps brands, startups and agencies to launch a storefront backend fast.


Shopify has been around for well over 10 years and your clients or team may already be used to navigating the dashboard, adding products and fulfilling orders. Shopify provides a REST and GraphQL API if you'd like to use it to handle your commerce admin. They are working hard to meet the needs of the JAMstack community. Shopify explored how the JAMstack can be harnessed for e-commerce on their own blog and the Gatsby site has a Shopify tutorial too.

Commerce Layer

If you're working with a global brand, managing multiple currencies and stock locations, Commerce Layer might fulfil your needs. It is a headless commerce and order management system with well written docs and tutorials. They have a number of guides and step-by-step tutorials on their site.

What's missing from this list?

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Beez Fedia

The Gatsby site has a number of other e-commerce tutorials too. I missed Stripe, Square, Etsy and WooCommerce of the list!

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Lopè Ariyo

I've heard a lot of good things about Stripe!

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Beez Fedia

Yeah, Stripe has a great developer experience! I wrote a 3 part series on using the new Stripe Checkout with Gatsby here last week.