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7 Newborn Open Source Repositories

We all knew that what we have now as popular open-source repositories or well-known tools that we use every day started with an idea and developed for personal usage and then published as a result of high satisfaction of owner/developer.

In this post, I’m gonna share 7 open-source repositories/tools of mine that I have developed to serve some personal intentions first but published later.

Newborn Open Source Projects

Definitely, without your likes and shares, and contributions, these repositories will not be seen and will perhaps disappear over time. so please react to this post and share your comments with me.

1. Practical Front-End Projects with Pure Javascript, CSS, and HTML

The repository contains some front-end projects developed by pure Javascript, HTML, and CSS without any third-party libraries and packages.

Some of the projects you can find in the repo:

  • Web Chat App (WhatsApp clone)
  • Custom Video Player
  • Note Manager App
  • Othello Board Game
  • Quiz App
  • Escape Loading Animation (Complicated CSS animation)

2. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary Browser Extension

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary Browser Extension

With this extension, you would be able to look up and get the English-to-English definition of any word or phrase in the content of a website, simply and effortlessly. Or you can use its simple search box to type and get the definition right away, without losing your focus on the content!

I used Merriam-Webster's free services in this extension.

You can install it on all Chromium base browsers, like Opera, Edge, Brave, Torch, Vivaldi. (How to?)

3. YouTube Subtitle Delay Browser Extension

Mini tool to delay subtitles on the YouTube official website which is handy when you are learning a new language.

You can also install it on all Chromium base browsers, like Opera, Edge, Brave, Torch, Vivaldi.

Additionally, there is another extension with the same functionality to delay Netflix subtitles.

4. Twitter Following Track Bot

This one is a twitter bot developed with NodeJs. Using this bot you can track if any twitter account started following others. It's easy to use and you only need a Twitter developer account to start monitoring.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts for Websites Browser Extension

This one is also a browser extension, using this extension you can have custom keyboard shortcuts for certain actions of websites you use frequently. It's one of my favorite repositories because I use it every day :)

You can also install it on all Chromium base browsers, like Opera, Edge, Brave, Torch, Vivaldi.

6. Curly HTML Elements

This one is a mini tool to arranging HTML elements along ellipse subset shapes. Using curly-html-elements you can layout child items of an element along a circle, semicircle, ellipse or any subset shape of it without encounter math formula and complex concepts.

Curly HTML Elements Examples

7. JS Service Wrapper

This one is a promise based collective service wrapper with queue support which totally works in browser and/or Node.js environment.

Sometimes you need to pass your service functions throughout a shared pipe and do some manipulation or parsing with them. Or you might want to add all of your services to a queue that supports parallel and pending tasks. It's the case this library swoops in.

I also have a fun game, The Boom Box. You can reach that out and spend some fun time while blasting some boxes. Its code is also available on Github

I’d appreciate any kind of contribution to these projects and it would be my honor.


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