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Behnam Azimi
Behnam Azimi

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HTML Canvas Wallpaper; Only A Love Song Is Missing

In the new project of the practical front-end projects series, I went over to the HTML Canvas and I tried to make a beautiful animated wallpaper. The result was satisfying for me and when I staring at it, I hear a slow love song in the background. xD. You can see the demo here.

Actually the project is very simple and I'm sure reviewing its code will be so useful. I tried my best to make a fully documented and easy to read code. But you can also ask me detailed questions or open issues on Github.

This is a practical canvas tutorial, an animated wallpaper with circles that moves on it. The main goal was focusing on the canvas methods, but next to it, you can find some useful coding strategies and mathematical operations in code.

I hope it will be useful for you. I will be looking forward to your comments.

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Neat project. It kind of reminds of the wallpaper backgrounds on the iPhones.