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My review about Scaler Academy.

Hi, Dev community. ❤️ I'm excited to be writing my life story on devTo.

I am from Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh. It is a small town so our dreams were also confined to the usual dreams of getting a government job or maybe a private job with a decent package.

Since 5th grade I have been interested in computers, my passion got intensified during my 11th & 12th grade. I dreamed of pursuing CS from IIT Bombay, but I wasn’t able to clear IIT JEE Advance. My dream was broken and I couldn’t see a clear path after that.

I got into BHU by clearing its entrance exam. I did BSc in Mathematics honors, which gave me some time to rethink my career path. I had two choices after BSc, one was that I go for MSc and pursue research, the other was to do MCA and utilize my knowledge that I had gained from Mathematics. I got confused, it was quite tricky for me to choose between the two.

Amidst all the confusion, I prepared for the MSc entrance exam for IIT Dhanbad and managed to clear it.

My fellow students in BSc were all preparing for MSc since that’s the most obvious defined path. I didn’t want to go mainstream, I had bigger dreams. I discussed in detail about MCA with one of my friends. I thought it could be an opportunity to give another chance to my broken dream.

Even after securing the first position all over India in the MSc entrance exam for IIT Dhanbad, I decided to drop the idea of MSc and went ahead to pursue MCA so as to have hands-on experience of my learning.

I cleared the entrance test for NIT Bhopal to get started with my MCA. At NIT Bhopal, most of my batchmates were already ahead of me in terms of computer knowledge. I saw a lot of students working very hard to pursue their dream careers. I have always believed that you are the average of 5 people you spend most of your time with. From those people, I got the inspiration to work hard.

During my first year at NIT Bhopal, one of my seniors introduced me to InterviewBit. I started practicing questions on the IB platform. I liked the streak concept very much, it helped me in maintaining my practice consistency. In my pre-final year, I appeared for an internship interview for Microsoft. I cleared all the rounds except the last. I realized that something was missing from my knowledge base.

In my final year, I heard about the Scaler Academy program. I had always trusted IB with my coding practice, so I thought I should give Scaler Academy a try. Even after getting promised a low min. CTC, I decided to join the program. I believed that I would be more knowledgeable by the end of the program and knowledge could be the most significant factor that could help me to get started in the direction of my dream career.

Scaler Academy program provided me with a lot of confidence. The program isn’t just about DS & Algo preparation, it covers all the aspects required to transform an individual into a 10X engineer. I had the most amazing TAs, who motivated me to keep working towards a better salary hike and never settle for anything less than what I deserve. In our first-ever meeting, Anshuman Sir told us that we all have the potential to earn way more than what we desired. Abhimanyu Sir was always there to help us with our doubts, even during the wee hours.

Everybody at the academy had my back. They supported and guided me throughout my journey making me capable of having faith in myself and performing my best without any fear of failure. Today, I have an offer from Amazon which is 4 times the min. CTC that was promised to me. I would like to thank the entire Scaler Academy team for believing in me and putting their efforts alongside mine in making my dream come true.

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