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3 Books That I Found Helpful During My Programming Journey

There are plenty of books out there that involve programming, some helpful, others not so helpful.

These are some books that I have personally found helpful, but it is by no means an exhaustive list of topics.

I hope that you are able to find some use from these, and if you have any books that were helpful to you in any way feel free to share those with me in the comments!

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Grokking Algorithms

If you're having any trouble understanding algorithms and data structures, put this book next on your list. Grokking Algorithms breaks down the large complex topics into pieces that are much easier to understand, complete with pictures!

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This book doesn't really teach you how to program, but it does something that lots of people miss when trying to learn how to program. This book attempts to teach you how a computer actually works, from the electricity that goes in it to the tweets and cat videos that you see on your screen, in a way that is both readable and digestible.

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Cracking The Coding Interview

I know this one probably gets recommended a lot, but it truly is a good resource for practicing the type of questions that you would get during a technical interview. There's also a pretty decent explanation of time complexity and Big O notation in general in the beginning of the book. You don't have to read this book front to back, and you can combine it with other resources such as LeetCode or CodeWars.

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Honorable Mention: Peak

This book doesn't really have anything to do with coding or programming at all, but I still found it an important read. What it does do is shed light on the mystique of human ability, and it shows you that with the proper tools and the right frame of mind, you can achieve what you thought you once could not.

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