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Build a Python CLI Application

Hey coders!

This is a fun project to create a menu-driven application in pure Python, to add , display and store books in a books list without using DBMS.

This is a great practice for beginners / pre-intermediate level programmers who want to hone their Python skills.

I believe that in order to jump to Python frameworks, you need to study the core Python concepts first, study them and practice them over and over [ this is actually a message to myself, as I'm in guilty in that myself !!!]. I got carried away with Django, Flask, Bottle, FastAPI, TurboGears and what not while totally forgot that the language I'm writing in these frameworks I'm not totally aware of all its corners ... shame!

So, I am going to create more videos to simplify concepts in Python, and explaining more advanced principles and rules for you and myself !!

You are welcome to join the channel's membership or simply you can subscribe to my channel to receive the latest videos I create weekly.

Thanks and Peace !

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