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Intro to OpenPyXL (Automate Excel with Python)

You all must have worked with Excel at some time in your life and must have felt the need for automating some repetitive or tedious task. Don’t worry in this course we are going to learn about how to work with Excel using Python, or automating Excel using Python. We will be covering this with the help of the Openpyxl module.

Openpyxl is a Python library that provides various methods to interact with Excel Files using Python. It allows operations like reading, writing, arithmetic operations, plotting graphs, and many other Excel operations.

This module does not come in-built with Python.
So whenever you will create a project, an I recommend creating a virtual environment always, you will install using
pipenv install openpyxl
but if you want to install the module globally, you then can
pip install openpyxl
or pip3 install openpyxl if you're on mac or linux.

This video will explain in 30 min the basics and what's possible to do with OpenPyXL module to automate your Excel work with Python.

Happy coding, lads

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