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3 easy ways to interact with users in JS

JS provides you 3 easy ways to interact with users without asking anything much.


Alert pops-up dialog box on screen with a button "ok" on it. The button is by default on this dialog box.


 alert('HI there'); // with specified content
 alert(); // without any specified content

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Prompt is another user-interface function which normally contains two arguments.

The text is basically what you want to show the user and the default value argument is optional though it acts like a placeholder inside a text field. It is the most used interface as with it you can ask the user to input something and then use that input to build something.

Example:(with default parameter)

// prompt example
let age = prompt('How old are you?', 50);

alert(`You are ${age} years old!`); 
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The confirm function basically outputs a modal window with a question and two button ‘OK’ and ‘CANCEL’.



// confirm example 
let isHappy  = confirm('Are you Happy?');
alert(`You are ${isHappy}`); 

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It will print true or false based on your choice of clicking the ‘OK’ button or ‘CANCEL’ button respectively.

alert('THanks for rreaaddingg <3');

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Luke Shiru

Worth mentioning that ideally you shouldn't use any of these, and instead use elements like dialog which wont block the entire page for a single interaction like alert, prompt and confirm do.

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Agreed @lukeshiru

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Happy coding!