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My most awkward experience at work - featuring TypeScript

Have you ever had a really awkward moment at work? Here's mine.

I've been an Angular developer for about one year. I knew nothing about Angular, TypeScript and, in general, frontend development.

So I started learning TypeScript.

The language website is well done, and one interesting feature is the Playground page. There you can try TS features and see the result of the transformation of your code into plain JavaScript.

Cool resource, isn't it?

At work, I had a problem with TypeScript's syntax, and I remembered that that page was helpful. I knew that TypeScript is often shortened as "ts", so I googled TS playground.


I discovered that day that TS Playground is an adult video channel and that TS means also Transex & Shemale.

Terrible thing to discover at work!

Luckily I didn't try to guess the URL and navigate directly to the site!

What's your worst moment at work?

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Zach Hamm • Edited

Ooh, I have two at the same place and they further my reasons for why I don't get enough sleep.

When I first started at this job, I was relatively new to the field and part of a test group for new grads. The first week I was in, I got to be "borrowed" by another department to help them finish up testing on a project. I did get some work but I got it done relatively quickly, and would have a few hours at the end of my day to spare.

Well, three days into this new job, two of which I had already completed the daily work, I found myself just kinda relaxing, thinking about nothing, and fell asleep with my head on my desk. I guess around 4PM, one of the guys comes around the cubicle to say goodbye, and there I am just PASSED OUT on my desk. Probably not the best thing to see in the first week :) I honestly think he totally understood though.

My second was later on a different team in an open environment. Besides the first week, I was known to my friends to be a little bit of a troublemaker after work and could stay out late here and there. So, one day, I had been up late and up early around 6AM to make it home. I got to work, felt fine in the morning, but everyone knows that after lunch EVERYONE hits that point that they want to pass out.

Mine happened in the middle of writing an email. This message was going out to 30 people dealing with my findings on a project that was pretty necessary. Halfway through this email, I think I drifted off into another plane of consciousness as the email went from talking about project results to a deep philosophical explanation on why the world exists and that stars are cool and strange stuff about was like a full paragraph too.

Luckily I was able to wake up and erase that before I right before I hit send, but my god, that would have made for an interesting experience to talk with my team

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Davide Bellone

Ahahah :D I love the second one! I'd really like to read that philosophical excursus!

And yes - the afternoon is always terrible! Especially if you ate a kebap for lunch!