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Ben Halpern

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Changelog: Filter by only your own posts in search (and more coming!)

We now have this convenient filter in search:

It's very helpful if you write a post to solve a problem and want to most quickly refer back to it in the future. Often future you needs that as much as anything.

We want to make it quicker and simpler to create these kinds of posts as well as control who is notified by them. Meaning that if I quickly write a post for my own use and anyone else dealing with that specific problem, it's nice to publish it more quietly. I want it to be public but I don't want to bother you with it unless you're looking for it.

Again, this is one small feature, but indicative of more stuff in the future.

Reminder: at any point you can jump to the search bar by tapping the / key if you are not currently focused on another input or textarea.

Happy coding. ❤️

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