Changelog: Sticky Post Actions UI Change

Ben Halpern on September 13, 2018

Buttons are now fixed to the bottom of the window on posts instead of being under the article. This means they are always visible. You no longer h... [Read Full]
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Why is there a Twitter button in the main bar and also a Share to Twitter on the kabab?

I'd rather see all sharing in one place, but if people like tweeting, I guess I can see the prioritization of it.


This might have been overthinking it, but I thought the menu should have a fuller list, but also that Twitter is definitely the special one. Twitter is a congregating area for a lot of devs, and makes sense as a quick shareable place.

But I dunno


Maybe I just don't understand Twitter enough ;)

I'm 26, so firmly millennial. Maybe I should make a Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat to be hip and cool again.

Don’t do it. I made because Twitter was lame.

People use it, but you’re better off without the distraction if you can help it.

I have one that follows Guild Wars 2 data mining, but that's more because I don't want to follow the noise of /r/guildwars2 to figure out what was snuck into the latest game patches. I never considered it a hip and happening developer space.


Could you add a setting for this? Chrome for Android doesn't support extensions and I really don't want screen space taken up by a persistent toolbar.

An easy way to make it a setting would be to use a CSS variable for the position:

::root {
    --interaction-bar-position: fixed;

.container .article-actions.relative {
    --interaction-bar-position: relative;

.container .article-actions {
    position: var(--interaction-bar-position);

And then a checkbox in settings that would allow the user to change the setting.


I do like it a lot! I normally scroll the site while the short breaks at work, read briefly and then create my reading list by bookmarking the stuff I like for the time I come home. This makes that routine easier.



I like this a lot! There seems to be a bug however.

Device: iPhone 6s running latest chrome browser. (Bug does not affect safari)


Swipe up, then swipe down in one motion. The bottom bar slides down as you swipe down and as soon as the bar is almost off screen it springs back up.

I can do a screen recording if neccessary.


I have tested this feature out and figured lots of bugs, but didn't report all. Right now I have few ideas in mind and trying to find some free time so I can turn this small reaction area into something worthwhile.

Meanwhile, I commented on this PR to keep everything together regarding this feature.


I’ll probably debug it in the morning.. unless you know of it and working to fix it :)


You are welcome!

I honestly did not expect a PR just because of that post (I did expect a bit). I even specifically mentioned it in the post. Nonetheless, it encourages me to spend more time on and provide value. I'm still learning and making mistakes, but I look forward to a better future.


This seems like the right call for UX. I don't like that it takes up vertical space that could be content. But on scrollable content with controls, I often end up with this exact kind of affordance. In fact, I noticed recently that on this site I was doing a lot of scrolling to find reaction buttons. And sometimes I would forget to react because the buttons were not handy. This helps me to remember to react.


I installed a chrome extension implement the css hack from Tahy's post in June and I am really impressed you took it so seriously to discuss it and finally implement it!

Bye-bye chrome extension - welcome wonderful pure again :-)

Thanks for implementing it!


Personally, other than bookmark, I don't think any of these should be presented to the user until they've gotten to the bottom.

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