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If you submit to one of the forms with info about you we'll try to match you. We've matched a bunch of folks already, but we sort of just tossed it out without too much of a plan, so there's a backlog we're currently working through.


We've been working on our process and we'll be ready to bring it out of beta soon enough. People should definitely sign up if they're interested in being matched. The process will become less opaque over time. I've personally really enjoyed being a mentor in the program so far. 🙂


Hope that's a thing soon as I'd love to help with that.

To be clear: It's already available:

We just still have a big beta label on it, but our matches are getting more reliable and quicker these days.

Wow, I wasn't aware of that. I kinda regularly read but hever seen the news. Was that announced in any way?

We made one post about it:

But otherwise didn't make a big deal about it because it still needed work. I'd say we're a couple weeks away from being able to talk about it more because we've made our match-making process more efficient and less hectic.

match-making process

I feel like I am on match .com for geeks

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