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Hiring Passionate Front-End Developer

Work with exciting new JavaScript technology! And really old, awful JavaScript technology that we can't get rid of because we're afraid to touch it. Work with some backbone, jQuery, some of the YUI library. We tried Angular so there's this whole Angular thing going on in parts. We just heard that mixins were crap in React so that sucks because that was a big thing we did for a while. You'll probably start by doing busy work for a few weeks, if not longer, while we try to get our test-suite to the point where anyone new could actually work on anything. If you're a woman we'll probably end up paying you a bit less but pat ourselves on the back for making a diversity hire.

Our company culture is really loose and flexible. You can work whichever hours you feel make you most productive, but we will privately judge you on the choices you make to this regard. But don't worry, we'll never be so rude as to tell you about our concerns.

You should have a good understanding of a few arbitrary patterns we don't really make use of, and be prepared to feign an understanding of some programming topics with your co-workers on an ongoing basis. We only hire 10x engineers, so we encourage a culture of bullshitting to seem smarter. For the hiring process itself, make sure to study up on your binary search trees for the technical interview, but don't worry, we'll probably end up hiring based on the gut feeling of somebody you're not going to be working with anyway.

You must be passionate, by which we mean you must be demonstratively passionate about everything all the time or you might trigger the insecurities of the founders, who would never admit their stupid ad platform is a drain on the Internet.

We only hire ninjas, maybe rockstars.

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perpetual . education

Ben, you are really funny. It's a fact.