If you wear headphones, which ones do you use?

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I have a wired pair and a wireless pair I switch between when it's sunny and I like going for walks!

Wireless: Cowin E-7 bluetooth headphones. I don't think the model I got are noise cancelling, but they are pretty good at insulating noise. The sound is alright, but not brilliant. Bluetooth is a blessing and a curse, when you can't get the drivers on Win 7 to work with your headset! Has a mic too; helpful for customer calls

Wired: SONY MDR-XB950AP over-ear headphones. Really solid sound, pretty lengthy wire and great build quality. The only issue is that it can leak sound- which is a pain when you work in an open-office plan.

I keep meaning to pick up a set of those Bose noise-cancelling wireless headphones... They're a bit pricey though!

I use Beats Studio Wireless headphones. I got them for $199, once they went on sale when the new Beats line came out.

They sound great for Wireless headphones. Wireless is never quite as good as wired, but these do pretty well and I love the lack of tether πŸ™‚

Same ... got a deal on the Beats Wireless 2.0 when the 3.0 came out.

Ha ha.. I got the same deal. But I picked Beats In-ear wireless headphones for 99$ deal(usually they cost 199$).

Some generic $30 pair of over the ear bluetooth headphones that quite frankly sound amazing for being so cheap.

Had to go look them up. On Amazon for $33 now: Zero-One Audio Tempo is what you can search for if you're not an audiophile and don't want to spend cash on headphones.


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Walking to work I use the Libratone In-Ear Q Adapt, which I'd recommend for "city" headphones. Cord never tangles and build quality is solid, sound is fine (maybe slightly better than apple earbuds but still missing a ton of range).
My favorite thing about these is that they use the lightning plug to power the active noise cancelling. Cancelling is just OK, but I appreciate the ability to adjust how active it is. More comfortable than QC20s and way less bulky.

At work I use Sennheiser 598s, which are the most comfortable and best sounding headphones I've ever worn. I've had this pair for 5 years, they're absolutely incredible. I wear glasses which makes over the ear headphones rough and these are far and away the best I've used for that.
The only drawback is that they are open back, which means the audio quality is insanely good but noise will leak both ways. I actually like the leak at work because folks can get my attention, but these aren't going to work in a coffee shop (distracting) or library (folks will hear your music).

On planes or when in need of extreme focus, I use Bose QC20s, which sound like garbage but completely shut out the world (except for human voices that are nearby). Bose only does one thing well, and these along with the QC30s are a complete isolation chamber.

Anything under $30.
My theory is that audio components have become small and cheap enough that anyone can make a multifunction, bluetooth headphone. It'll never sound as good as a wired set (which you should have), but i'm talking daily use- Connected to my laptop, and droid.

This is my current favorite for regular use- amazon.com/gp/product/B01EMO1G3O

I have a pretty bad headphone sickness. I have the Plantronics BeatBack Pro, the Audio Technica M50s, and the Dylan Quiet Speace S1s.

I currently rock the cheapo Dylans because of the way they fit and their durability. They sound flatter than the Plantronics which helps keep the distortion down when listening with an Equalizer. The Plantronics have better controls, though. The M50s sound the best but I like to be wireless now.

I have SoundMagic E10s which I swear by. I need isolating ones to aid my concentration, but didn't want to spend a huge amount of money (as they get a fair kicking in my satchel). These were around Β£30. The sound is well balanced and they're very comfortable. There is a bluetooth version which I'm very interested in, but am quite happy with a wire for the moment.

My fiancee has a pair of Bose QC35s which are lovely, and if I had the money/worked in a completely silent office I'd have a pair of those in a heartbeat.

For commuting I use some cheap bluetooth earbuds from one of the generic brands (about Β£20) which are good enough and mean I don't have to plug in. Before I made the jump to lightspeed, I used to use the Sennheiser CX300s because they seemed to be a great sound for a reasonable price and the cables didn't seem to break as much as with other brands. I like Sennheisers.

At work I use more Senns, the HD-25s. They're more a DJ headphone and clamp quite tightly on my head which I don't particularly enjoy - I have to take them off after a while because my ears get sore - but they sound great.

Odd story, I had them lying around for years after having picked them up cheap at a charity shop, and thought they weren't very good - turned out that if I plugged them into a desktop computer they sound fatastic. My old mp3 players and phones and such just couldn't drive them well enough.

Wireless in-ear: Bose soundsport wireless
Wired over the ear: Bowers and Wilkins P5.

Both are lovely and sounds great, although sometimes I definitely deserve some more battery for my Bose. 6 hours batteries are not fine if you stay in the office for long hours

There's three I use on a regular basis:

  • I have a pair of LG HBS-810's tied to my iPhone. These are known as LG Tone Ultras. They're in-ear Bluetooth but I don't have issues with volume over a train when playing anything (unlike what Motorola had).
  • In the office, I have an over-the-ear wired headphone from Gamecom. I think they were more like $60, but wired stuff I think you can do better.
  • Out of office and traveling on vacation, I wear a pair of wired Cat-Ear Headphones from Brookstone. Yeah, they're silly but I'm on vacation and look at my icon. Amazon currently list these at $84 and even with a cheap Bluetooth-to-wired adapter, works very well on Amtrak trains from Baltimore to Pittsburgh and back.

Bose QuietComfort 25, love the noise cancelling, which is very practical in an open plan office environment - but the sound quality is no more than OK imho. They are pricey, but the purchase was partly sponsored by my employer.

I have MDR-XB950BT, nice and comfortable enough without being too pricey. The only fuzz is that you need to charge from time to time (lasting a good day of work without problem) and that the 3.5mm jack has some proprietary size so... don't lose it! :)

Shure SE846 + Fiio E12A portable amp when I don't want my music disturbing others around me. When I am alone and don't need to worry about bothering others: ATH-M50x + the same amp.

EIther Bose SoundSport Wireless or Sennheiser MM-550 X travel. The latter ones are noise cancelling and awesome for planes, trains etc. The SoundSport Wireless are good for walking around as well as phone conferences - for those I like the Bose more than the Sennheiser pair.

Am using the AKG K518DJ since about 6 years. They served me very well back when I was spinning and now they keep all noise out while providing me with excellent sound quality.

Wired. Great sound. Can only recommend.

I used to use a pair of Bohm on-the-ear bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones, but I started wearing Gunnar computer glasses and they pressed on the glasses in an uncomfortable way. Now I have a pair of Anker earbuds that are fantastic. I can use them all day for three or four days before I need to recharge them; the sound quality's good; and they can pair with more than one device at a time.

For me, I'll wear any kinds of Headphones because it will depend on your style. And since I love mixing my style with accessories I'll wear it with confident even if it's the cheapest one. You own your style be confident with it. Just sharing. Cheers to those fashion lovers out there.

I have the Jaybird X3s but I've been meaning to return them.

I really love my Audio-Technica ATH-M50X's

I use Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear 2. The sound is really great, and even if it's on the ears and not around, it's very comfortable.

I'm on my second pair of Jaybirds. I think the current pair is the X2. They are pretty great.

Currently wearing my fav knock-about Sony MDRZX110 ZX Series headphones, But about to pull the trigger on some Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint Noise-Cancelling Headphones .

I have Audio Technica ATH M50 which are really awesome. They are nicely built. And the audio is awesome.

3M Peltor Optime and random earbuds in noisy openspace - literally everything but my screen disappears.

Lately I switched to using In-Ear headphones only because I find them much more comfortable to wear over long periods of time. I have the House of Marley Zions and the SoundMagic E50Cs.

66audio.com/ BTS Sports, bluetooth wireless, awesome battery duration.

I use RHA MA750i earphones. They sound great but are wired, would love a wireless pair!

I am using Bose QC-25 and I'm very happy with it.

Wired, Sony XBA-H1s. I love them enough that I'm willing to cough up $9 for Apple's dongle when it's time to replace my iPhone.

Sennheiser HD 439 & Jaybird Freedom!

I just got my new Bose Quiet Comfort 35 (wireless) and I really like them so far.
I've never used Noise Cancelling headphones before and I'm really overwhelmed about it!

I only kind of wear headphones, but when I do, I wear:
Earbuds - VE Monk Plus
Over Ear Headphones - Sony MDRv6 (oldie but a goldie)
Bluetooth In Ear - Planatronics BackBeat Go2 (oldie not a goldie)

I've got Audio-Technica ATH-M30's that I've had forever. They're big enough to go over my giant ears without smooshing them and making them hurt after a few hours. Super sound quality too!

1more Triple Drivers (In ears). The sound is amazing and it has good isolation. One drawback is the stem is big and is difficult to fit into your ear.

Audio Technica M50x. Can't hear through them and decent sound.

I got a pair of Bose QuietComfort 25s as a company Christmas gift a couple years ago. Love 'em. Although, active noise-cancelling gives me the heebie jeebies, so I only really use that on airplanes.

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