Mr. Robot - 3x01 Discussion (spoilers)

What did folks think of the premiere?

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I want to mention that I saw Rami Malek at Whole Foods one time. That is all. πŸ˜‹

Awesome premiere. I'm a little surprised that Angela is taking advantage of Elliot's condition. Also, not sure what kind of world we'll be living in if NYPD's Dispatcher can just shut down any vehicle over a phone call.

Thought it was On Star he talked to. Who know the FBI uses On Star

Woah, that was OnStar. Thanks for pointing that out.

that was awesome!!! Especially when whole town's out of power and the hackers run CTF LOL


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I was also excited to see Bobby Cannavale join the show for this season. Loved him in Vinyl (R.I.P.) and Master of None

What do you think that enormous machine Whiterose is developing is going to end up being?

Just starting out S1E1 guess I missed the party!!

I think 3x01 was pretty low on hacking side. Hope it's just warming up.

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