Changelog: Bookmarks!

Ben Halpern on January 08, 2018

This has been in high demand and it's now available. You can now bookmark posts. If you see something you like, tap the bookmark icon and it will ... [Read Full]
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Oh, also removed the 🤔 and 🙌 as they were a bit redundant and/or confusing at the moment. But additional changes could be forthcoming in that realm.


Glad you guys kept the unicorn tho. That's a must.


Awesome! When on the desktop one could get away with Pocket or something like that, but when using the PWA on the phone, this is a must.


Nice. I liked the "thinking" emoticon - always used it for "thoughtful" articles - but I can live without it. :)

Bumping bookmarked items in the feed seems like a great idea. Any chance of adding a link to our reading list in our profile page or something? Not necessarily to make it public or anything, but just to have the link handy.


The link is on your home page sidebar. Perhaps elsewhere in the future. The feature needs some fresh air before w get it just right.


I always thought this icon 🤔 meant "I'm not very convinced about the point you're making" :-D


Lol! Well then, maybe it's good that it's gone. At least the ❤️ is unambiguous.. I think. ;)


incredible killer feature!!

actually I've keeping specific discussion page with chrome bookmark.
therefore a bit struggle when i was read iPhone,iPad safari...

but never mind that all clear now╰(´︶`)╯♡


🤔 when I click the bookmark icon it's visually marked as clicked (blue background and black borders) but it takes a second to update the number, you may be updating the number after the server reply for the AJAX request I suppose, you may first update the number, then send the request and revert if there's an error.


Great addition! It could be nice to have a link in the user menu too, next to "Dashboard" and "Write a post". That way I could finish reading an article, and with only one click I could go to my reading list. Now I have to go to dashboard and then to the list.


Any input on the design decision for taking away the 🙌🏻 and 🤔 reactions?


Yeah, I just wrote a follow up comment. We have some plans to make the reactions have a bit more purpose. e.g. the bookmark "reaction" sending to your reading list, but perhaps a bit more whimsical in unicorn land.


Great idea! Better than adding to my Pocket and forgetting to check later :D


Any plans on supporting the web share api?

Would be easier to share/save links to whatever service you want.

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