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While Slack was down, I completed my million+ LoC side project and cleared out every "tech-debt" ticket in our company's Jira queue.


You guys are lucky because it's about night time there. From the other side of the world, we are just about to start ours :X


I wish I could relate, but we get by with G-Suite.


Funny, I was considering posting about this when I couldn't get on lol.


A great example of everyone relying on one centralised platform for something that (a) doesn't need to be the same as everyone else's and (b) doesn't need to be centralised.


Slack is reachable for me. I wonder if it's a peerage dispute. Seen those selectively disrupting many services, but only for users on impacted ISPs.


I was so busy today that I either didn't see this, or it just didn't go down in our region 🙃


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I can't imagine having to be on the team scrambling to fix something this big.

Also, does that sound like the issue started out small and propagated, like a DNS issue?


Nah they probably just messed up the login service. However there is nothing big in that project apart from backend and infrastructure their team is actually using a CEF as a framework for the desktop client which have the same interface and functionalities like web application. So its not big but as @ben Sinclair pointed is affecting many users as many teams are using that platform to create its workspaces and share updates.

Sorry, not this big... I meant more like an issue with a product used by such a large number of organizations.

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