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Could it comes from not using vim?


I haven't had that issue so far

Have you tried disabling plugins one at a time?


It was my clipboard history plugin... which makes sense.

I didn't even think to jump to disabling plugins. I knew that was a possible path but I didn't want to go through that pain if there were a more known issue.

I feel a bit more informed about what might be wrong with VSCode now.


It most likely means that you don't have anything copied or it isn't readable by VSC's standards, I have never seen an error quite like it. Good Luck!


How are you copying and pasting? Control-C, right click, etc..?


Well it says not found means there is no paste() function in clipboard? , switch to a better editor perhaps?


Thats upto you, there is no shortage of editors. But generally anything programmable should be good. VS Code is still new, and buggy. I use the grand daddy of editors Emacs, but you could also choose Vim.

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