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I'm going to have a Skype interview on Wednesday for a Junior Javascript Developer position. It's not technical one yet, apparently we're just gonna talk about regular things, like my ambition, goals, needs, my past experiences with programming etc, so I should be fine


I'm going to finish the series - Building Serverless CRUD services in Go with DynamoDB. It should be 6 parts in total.

Im going to work on an OSS project - k8sgen

GitHub logo wingkwong / k8sgen

Generating Kubernetes Resource Configurations in an Interactive CLI


Starting 2 weeks of WFH to reduce the risk of catching / spreading COVID-19. Luckily, I'm pretty well set up for remote work and I've done projects that were 100% remote, but I'm getting the feeling some of my coworkers aren't loving it already.


I'm getting close to finishing my visual novel project (a fan mod/sequel for DDLC). It's been a long journey - about a year in development - and for the last few months I've known I desperately have to get this over with to set the rest of my life back in order. With luck, I'll be ready to send a draft of the end of part 3/3 to my friends for review and advice in the next day or two! It's so close...! I think I'll be able to release in April after all.


I am going to be adding some new ui elements to my app (ara), and finishing up a very basic version of my next app (solar flare)

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What Do You Find Difficult about SQL and Databases?

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