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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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Who has the best Octocat?

With regards to this post:

Which are some of the Octocats which stand out to you? (For literally any reason)

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Mark Sta Ana

This is more of an aspirational octocat: to be a ruby wizard...

boo octocat

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Quentin Sonrel


Because... it's mine.


You said "any reason".

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Ben Halpern

I really liked this one:

Shi Ling octocat

Can't find black hair, and black glasses, but looks about right. :) Can't start a day without coffee either.

(And I feel a sense of accomplishment managing to add this image and comment in markdown on my phone \o/)

@shiling goes all the way to demonstrate that the struggle is real in terms of tired coffee-swigging devs.