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You should follow Alaina Kafkes

For a while I've been meaning to write a post about who you should on follow if such and such, but I've run into a lot of paralysis because I did not want to leave deserving people out. So instead of perfecting a list, I'm going to start making shorter posts more regularly, starting with this one.

Alaina Kafkes is a great writer and everything she has published is must-read for me. Today she published Exploring the Linguistics Behind Regular Expressions, which made me think to write this post.

With this post, I'm also starting the #youshouldfollow tag if you want to make your own recommendations.

In order to make a content block like the one above, here is the liquid tag syntax:

{% user alainakafkes %}
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Happy coding, and keep up the great writing Alaina.

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Alaina Kafkes

Wow, I literally just found this today! Thank you so much 😍