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Quarantine Project: DIY Laptop Stand

Some of us are under quarantine, and a lot of people are trying remote work for the first time, likely on laptops and with a posture like this:

Alt Text



I was sitting at home with a sore neck after a full day of work, spotted a cardboard box hiding in the corner, and inspiration (and boredom) struck!

Alt Text

All this time at home is a good opportunity to save your neck and upgrade your workstation in a free and zero-waste way: by building a laptop stand out of cardboard and glue!

A quick search leads to some steps to follow online, but feel free to play around and see what you can make, just make sure it's very stable. I went with my own design to raise it up higher and included some support on the inside to prevent it from falling to the side.

Alt Text

I'd love to see what other people are able to make to upgrade their remote working situation!

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Mika Andrianarijaona • Edited

Well done!! I have build something similar : an ipad stand built with lego

ipad lego stand
ipad on lego stand