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LeetCode 703: Kth Largest Element in a Stream (Python)

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from heapq import heapify, heappush, heappop, heappushpop

class KthLargest:

    def __init__(self, k, nums):
        :type k: int
        :type nums: List[int]
        self.k = k
        self.k_heap = nums
        while len(self.k_heap) > k:

    def add(self, val):
        :type val: int
        :rtype: int
        if len(self.k_heap) < self.k:
            heappush(self.k_heap, val)
            heappushpop(self.k_heap, val)
        return self.k_heap[0]
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On the initializer:

1- Create a min-heap with the stream of numbers we are given.

2- Pop from the min-heap until it has the same amount of elements as k . This means that the Kth largest element is on the top of the min-heap.

On add method:

1- If the amount of elements inside the heap is less than K , push the element to the heap. Else, push the element and then pop the top element.

2- Return the top element of the min-heap. It will be the Kth largest element.

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