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What is my Job Title

So I have a degree in Software Development and had been working part-time designing and developing, mostly JavaScript SPA, websites for small businesses and individuals. I was working on a portfolio and hoping to land a full-time gig as a JavaScript(React/Node) Developer but I had trouble due to lack of professional experience. Funds started to get tight so I expanded my job search and ended up working for an eCommerce site. Here is information about the job.

  • WordPress w/Woocommerce - site not developed by me - I like JS, learning PHP now though
  • I do tweaks with CSS, configure settings/plugins report to a off-site dev with problems questions
  • I designed a system to acquire/store/manipulate/transfer data
  • I FTP or web scrape for data
  • I keep master spreadsheets in Excel - most time is spent in Excel
  • I take the raw incoming data and processes it into lots of (maybe 50) properties
  • lots of formulas to manipulate data - product linking, attributes for filtering/searching, too many product details - most thought provoking part of job - vlookups, index, match all day
  • keep product up to date, accurate - 150000 total products last I looked
  • download images optimize/size them with photoshop - automations for various views
  • upload image to image server

This wasn't exactly what I was expecting and I am the only tech person in a small office. I am hesitant to just put Data Entry, although that is what I do - for some reason my ego says my job is more technical than that - if its not I can probably accept that. I know I am not a web developer in this role - part of me wishes I went down the WP/PHP route after I found out how much they paid for site design. Maybe I am a Web Scraper, but that sounds kind of weird and doesn't really sum it all up.

Please chime in. Thanks in advance.


My boss is hilarious. He said I can call the position whatever I want and he has my back. We did entertain Ecommerce Data Management Specialist for a little bit.

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Sam Benskin

When you say working for an e-commerce site, have they given you a contract? If so what does it say you are in that?

What you tell people will need to be or closely align with your current job role as specified by the people you currently work for else a reference won't confirm your role when you apply elsewhere

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I think the role might be web coordinator.

Keep building your portfolio and applying for the role you which to get. I do believe you have built experience with your current role.