How to negotiate sponsorship deals?

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I have a problem; but a good one! I've been chatting with a bootcamp about becoming a community sponsor for http://CodeCareer.io & #301DaysOfCode but I have no clue what to ask for in return.

Any advice on how to structure a deal with a partner / sponsor?


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You can offer any/all of:

  • Logo on site
  • Shout-outs via email, social, etc.
  • Messaging to your community
  • Special deals from the sponsor
  • Other creative "integrated" campaigns together
  • Affiliate offers
  • etc.

You can ask for:

  • Financial support
  • Mutual marketing to their audience
  • Prizes for a giveaway
  • etc.

The key thing is to understand what the partner / sponsoring party is hoping to achieve, and to work backwards from there. Of course, I'd encourage you to think about how you can structure deals that are value additive for all parties involved, as opposed to something that detracts from the experience (such as obnoxious ads, etc).

Hope this helps. My Connect Inbox is open if you want to chat more about any of this, or get into the logistics piece.

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