I'm about to start learning Ruby, Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hi All,

I'm a web developer, I use Laravel PHP web framework in my projects, and I wanna learn Ruby so in the future I will be able to use Ruby On Rails. so would you mind suggesting me one of these

  • Book, podcast, newsletter, tutorial, roadmap, package, etc...

I know I could use Google to search for these kinds of stuff, but I want to take advice from the Ruby community members.

Thank You in Advance


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I really like these:

I heard really good things about these:


Thanks for sharing

I've checked out the books, they look great. : )


I'm trying to remember other sources, but so far this is what I got:


Michael Hartl has a fantastic book/tutorial Ruby on Rails Tutorial. That's a great starting point. Then my advice would be to just get your hands dirty and start writing code by contributing to open-source rails projects or start a project from scratch.

For a great primer in Ruby and OO Design Sandy Metz's Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby is amazing.

A more advanced book I'm a big fan of is Rebuilding Rails by Noah Gibs. It really gives you a great understanding of how Rails magic works, which can be initially frustrating as a developer new to its "convention over configuration" mantra.


Thank you for the list of resources,

I've heard lots of recommendations, to read this book Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby by Sandi Metz, I'll read it first for sure.

thank you again : )


I would strongly advise against using Ruby. It's slow, documentation is not world-class, a lot of the libraries (Rails especially) use metaprogramming magic that is hard to understand and debug. Ruby project have a lot of maintenance problems. Ruby's popularity has been on steady decline for years.

In my opinion, Python is far superior to Ruby in terms of implementation and documentation (as a bonus, you can extend your expertise beyond web development very easily).

Also, as of 2019, Node.js has matured well and is a very capable development platform, especially if you use Typescript. The demand for developers is quite high.


I recommend "Python for beginners".


Highly recommend GoRails' installation guide, which supports the three major operating systems: gorails.com/setup/


This website i think useful after learn ruby and basic rails.

If someone read ruby books please mail me i will send best ruby books.