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How to get started with Travis CI fast

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Hi. Currently, I am the only contributor to my Github project. I don’t use Travis so far, but I heard there’s a Github integration and want to know about it.

What is the fastest, free way to get started with it? I am not talking about a fancy build process, just compiling, generating docs, running tests etc.

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Step-1: Sign-up
Step-2: Enable it on your project
Step-3: Follow the documentation for your project language -> for example
Step-4: Create the simplest file and test that it works:
Minimal example:

language: java

Step-5: Add extra steps if necessary


A good thing to note here is that Travis CI is really great for running custom build scripts, but it is not a platform like Jenkins, where it is able to do everything itself with plugins. You're free to put all your build logic in scripts, Gradle/NPM/whatever-build-tool commands, and just tell Travis what you need it to do. So Travis itself is quite simple to get up and running, because it is just the commands you're already doing to build and deploy your project, just in script form.


Sounds good, I’m using Gradle and I’m pretty happy with it.

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