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Bertil Muth
Bertil Muth

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Language specific syntax highlighting

I’ve read several articles recently that use syntax highlighting, but apparently just the black and white version, not the colored language specific counterpart.

I don’t blame the authors for not knowing, I just think it’s a pity because’s syntax highlighting is awesome.

Maybe do a section in the help, or some other solution?

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Ben Halpern

Yeah, I think there is some sort of discussion to be had here. The latest version of the editor will ideally have some form of autocomplete and/or linting which should help with this sort of thing. But getting that right is sort of longterm. In the short term, the help section could have some info on this.

But it's hard to say folks not doing this right are the ones who will check the help section.

Also some people really don't like highlighting. They're in the minority, but we can't be tooooo heavy-handed with this. 😄

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Jérémie Astor

I know this thread is old, but I'm quite confident you have the answer (I tried too look at some posts source code with no results), what does DEV use for syntax highlighting? Also, is there a way to provide syntax for custom languages? Thanks.