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The only actual nonprofit I ever did any work for was also going through a number of board revolts while being investigated by the SEC so whether I actually made a meaningful improvement in anyone's life is up for debate. But my last job was at a for-profit web accessibility testing and compliance shop -- doing well by doing good, if you will -- and the startup I work for now is helping farmers get hyperlocal weather and environment measurements.


I work for a small open source company in Germany and do this for a living.
Most of the projects I work on are for the public sector. And my biggest project so far was funded by the European Union for youth care - for young people in precarious situations. The software helped the streetworker keeping track of these cases.

So in an indirect sense, it "helped".


Very good question, I think you mean a software that is proven to make the world better again or am I wrong ?
So in fact I am a member of community I don't know if you heard about it ? And I think that it's a very usefull softaware (in facts it's a database of foods all around the world)


Looks like a good thing to contribute to. Thank you for sharing.


Is making a portal for NGO or NPO considered?
Unfortunately that portal is closed now :(


This is hard to figure out unless someone works for a non-profit org or have done any work for non-profits.

Do you write software that "truly" helps other people?


Currently, I don't think so.

The closest I got was probably when I helped write software for radiation therapy for cancer patients during my time at university.

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