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RFC: Call React component state variables "statelings"

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I was talking with one of my students, and he asked me this question regarding React:

What do you call the things that exist inside state={}

It totally caught me off guard.

For those of you who don't know, the "proper" name is state variables, but personally I'm ever so slightly biased towards statelings.

What do you guys think? 😁

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I've been calling them as:

For class components (CC), "state properties", for function components(FC), "states" as you can have one state variables in CC while multiple (via hooks) in CC.

I will refer'em both as state variables from now on :)


CompletelyuUnrelated but when ever i hear the word -ling I always thing of Ling Yao.

I've always just referred to those vars as state variables. Tho stateling would definitely turn some confused heads.

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