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Minimalist Porfolio - Submission

What I built

Here is my clutter free, minimal portfolio as a part of the DO Hackathon. No distractions in the background by some fancy graphics, no unnecessary interactions required. Click on tl;dr section to get to know me in a couple of minutes.

Category Submission:

Personal Portfolio

App Link

Custom domain -

DO domain -


Alt Text
Alt Text
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  • The landing page needs all the details you need to get to know me in the professional formats - LinkedIn, Github etc.
  • tldr; section - an elevator pitch of myself, using kinetic typography using DOM nodes
  • Fully responsive animations with fluid typography

Link to Source Code

GitHub repo

Permissive License

MIT license


Summary can be found in previous posts

How I built it

Summary can be found in previous posts

Top comments (4)

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

This is awesome! Well done and good luck with the Hackathon! 🙌

szhabolcs profile image
Nagy Szabolcs

Great website! Absolutely love it!

badolashelesh profile image
SheleshBadola(शैलेश )

Loved it broo

redhcp profile image

my website idea :)