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Adding CSS To Your HTML

Adding CSS To Your HTML

For beginners … very picture heavy since CSS is such a visual discipline!

Adding CSS To Your HTML

For beginners … very picture heavy since CSS is such a visual discipline

### Getting CSS Into Your HTML

  • To connect your CSS sheet to your HTML page, use the link tag like so.
  • Many developers use External pre-written CSS stylesheets for consistent design.
  • You can connect multiple stylesheets.

CSS Selectors

  • CSS Selector : Applies styles to a specific DOM element(s), there are various types:
  • Type Selectors : Matches by node name.

- Class Selectors : Matches by class name.

- ID Selectors : Matches by ID name.

- Universal Selectors : Selects all HTML elements on a page.

- Attribute Selectors : Matches elements based on the prescence or value of a given attribute. (i.e. a[title] will match all a elements with a title attribute)

/* Type selector */
div {
  background-color: #000000;

/* Class selector */
.active {
  color: #ffffff;

/* ID selector */
#list-1 {
  border: 1px solid gray;

/* Universal selector */
* {
  padding: 10px;

/* Attribute selector */
a[title] {
  font-size: 2em;
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Class Selectors

  • Used to select all elements of a certain class denoted with a .[class name]
  • You can assign multiple classes to a DOM element by separating them with a space.

Compound Class Selectors

- To get around accidentally selecting elements with multiple classes beyond what we want to grab we can chain dots.

  • TO use a compound class selector just append the classes together when referencing them in the CSS.

  • i.e. .box.yellow will select only the first element.

  • KEEP IN MIND that if you do include a space it will make the selector into a descendant selector.

    h2.subheading {
    font-style: italic;

  • When we want to target all h1 tags with the id of heading.

CSS Combinators

  • CSS Combinators are used to combine other selectors into more complex or targeted selectors — they are very powerful!
  • Be careful not to use too many of them as they will make your CSS far too complex.

Descendant Selectors

- Separated by a space.

  • Selects all descendants of a parent container.

Direct Child Selectors

- Indicated with a >.

  • Different from descendants because it only affects the direct children of an element.


.menu > .is-active { background-color: #ffe0b2; }
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  Belka  Strelka     Laika  
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